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The first change- Peace- One Word 365

After a long talk with my husband, pharm prostate I’ve decided it’s time to move forward with the first change of this year. Being “stuck” in the house with my little boy all day, purchase every day is mentally tiring. The only break is when someone babysits him so I can have a day out […]

A Nap, Star Trek, and a Little bit of Family Peace

We woke up LATE this morning. As in 9 AM late, hospital which is a butt load of extra sleep for me because he normally wakes up at 6:30ish. The reason: Neylan took a late nap yesterday, sick and considering my stressed state of mind and the clear fact that he was overtired, I didn’t […]

Thanksgiving… D

D-Daddy 😛 I mentioned him in my last post, view but my father is so awesome he deserves to be mentioned again. 🙂 My dad is quite amazing. He’s a jack of all trades. He can fix a car like no ones business. He can cook any type of cuisine, search although Asian is preferred. […]

Day 04 – A picture of your night

This is what I did all night (Other than dinner, troche dishes, look and baby care). My site. I wrote, I searched, and I convinced my hubby to start working on a new theme and stuff for me! He is great and it will be spectacular!