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Onto Running the Books– Memoir time!

My Samsung Chromebook has been sent back for repairs. After struggling for some time to log into the wordpress app on my phone, clinic pills I got it all set up. While the computer is away I’ll leave some little goodies from my phone. The picture below is the problem with my screen I guess […]

Our Week in pictures… (Oct 28-Nov 3, 2013)

Our week started out with this Mama finally having her jogging stroller in working order. We went out for a walk. On our way home we saw this outside a neighbor’s house. They don’t get into Halloween at all do they? Wednesday, pills I came down from the bathroom to this. I gave him a […]

The Clock

The house is silent except for the clock on top of my bookcase. That clock has a story, medicine like most items that human beings feel the need to hold onto. My husband and I had just moved into our new “house”. It was a pretty spectacular week. For the first month, store even, levitra […]