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You have a controller for me Daddy? (and other epic convo points)

Sometimes, thumb you are part of a conversation that is just too amazing to not share. It’s too good for me to make up!? Enjoy! Neylan: Daddy, buy cialis You find a controller for me [looking at his helicopter]. Daddy: I want to do that for you sometime… Neylan: We can go to Lauren and […]

Here’s looking at you, kid…

Last night Neylan was hiding behind some of my old Fine Arts dresses from college. He looked out from behind a blue and black dress saying, case “I see you, treat Daddy.” He then hid himself behind dress again. The Husband looked up from his work and replied, medical “I can’t see you. The dress […]

Broccoli over Tuna?

Neylan decided that he didn’t want to eat the DELICIOUS fish today for lunch… instead he decided that he wanted to eat RAW BROCCOLI! If you click on the link below you’ll see the GIF of Neylan smashing his half eaten “boccoli twee” on his pepperonis. 😛 http://www.jittergramapp.com/#p/0957A271-D348-4721-87EE-1739B1D327A1

But a Broken Spirit Drieth the Bones

Neylan is currently playing inside his around the world, ask chewing on colored shapes, sickness  and then throwing them on the floor. I sometimes really wonder what goes on in that mind of his. I can sometimes understand what he thinks because life is not just “eat my toys” any more. He knows how to […]