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Onto Running the Books– Memoir time!

My Samsung Chromebook has been sent back for repairs. After struggling for some time to log into the wordpress app on my phone, clinic pills I got it all set up. While the computer is away I’ll leave some little goodies from my phone. The picture below is the problem with my screen I guess […]

Our Week in pictures… (Oct 28-Nov 3, 2013)

Our week started out with this Mama finally having her jogging stroller in working order. We went out for a walk. On our way home we saw this outside a neighbor’s house. They don’t get into Halloween at all do they? Wednesday, pills I came down from the bathroom to this. I gave him a […]

Pictures from the past week! (Sept. 7-13, 2013)

On the 7th, viagra we went to a party for Ney’s cousin, cheap who turned 16! He’s growing up too quickly, check but then again they all are. The party was along Nantasket Beach. The above picture is Little Man and his younger of the 2 cousins playing in the sand. Every once in a […]

Kindred (Finished)

If there was ever a book that I could not put down and learned so much from, illness but I absolutely hated reading through… Kindred was that book. As many of you know, drugstore I am very much a “feeler”. I’m emotionally sensitive, and I have no problem with putting myself in the shoes of others […]

My reactions to interruptions while reading

A friend of mine shared this with me. It really is a great representation… minus the first frame. First Frame: Not applicable to me, sales because it is never “safe to engage”. Skip to the second. Second Frame: Engage with care, sale but don’t be surprised if you get an eye-roll with great annoyance. Third […]

Booking it!

I have done it again! I have added another book to my already overflowing library of e-books. As of right now my Goodreads account has 6 total books “being read”. I’m only actively reading about 2 or 3 of them. I just finished reading Diana Gabaldon’s story, generic a very short one for her, called […]

My Bucket List

My Bucket List (Far from finalized) Keep myself as healthy as possible–Weight-wise, no rx ability-wise, food-wise– “All the better to accomplish my goals, dear” Drink a cup of the most delicious and expensive coffee in the world Get little man to Dr. Gearhart for his BNR Homeschool Ney until at least “6th grade” Buy a […]

Daylight Savings Time…

Annoyed. Very annoyed. I’ve tried so hard not to openly complain about this on the website, buy viagra but this blog is for everything… so I’m going to rant. Growing up, I didn’t like the time change. It didn’t matter if it was Daylight Savings Time or the end of it. No matter what, I […]

Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Since I’m just starting off in this direction where, mind instead of just reading a book and going onto the next, viagra I’m actually writing something about the books I’ve read, diagnosis I hope that everyone will bear along with me. I’m not sure what direction I’ll be wanting to take with this. I don’t […]

When life gives you lemons…

I was actually going to write a post titled this a few days ago, health but when I started sharing my heart I got COMPLETELY side tracked. We’ve all had times when life is hard. Sometimes it’s so sour that we make a face or even tear up over it. Sometimes it’s just too bitter […]