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The first change- Peace- One Word 365

January 7th, 2014


After a long talk with my husband, pharm prostate I’ve decided it’s time to move forward with the first change of this year. Being “stuck” in the house with my little boy all day, purchase every day is mentally tiring. The only break is when someone babysits him so I can have a day out […]

Where to start- Peace- One Word 365

January 6th, 2014


I’ve had no idea what to write about when it comes to my search for peace, malady because I don’t even know where to start. I have, buy cialis at least, gone through a search in the Bible for the word “peace” and I have written down all the references that contain the word. I […]

Not going to pick at the scabs. -OneWord365- Peace

January 2nd, 2014


I had a couple really tough months… when I was trying to write a book about my son’s birth story. Part of me wonders if the emotion from it all was so overwhelming that I couldn’t figure out how  to express it or even how to do everything else I needed to in my life. […]

One Word 365- 2014 – Peace

December 29th, 2013


One of my good friends has been doing this “One Word 365” thing for the past few years.  Her first word was Trust. I saw how she grew deeper in her trust in God throughout every part of her life. The second word was Grace… and I saw her extend GRACE to people who didn’t […]

My undoing and my healing

December 17th, 2013

My child. I love my child. How can it be that the person actually “suffering” from a condition can be stronger than the one witnessing the struggle? I know many would say that my son just doesn’t know better yet. He didn’t then, viagra sale but he knows a lot about things now… As much […]

Choosing Joy. Day 3. “Hide and Seek”

December 13th, 2013

hide and seek 1

Yesterday was Day 3 of my working on Choosing Joy. It’s interesting to note that my child is the one with all the good ideas for playing. Have I really gotten so old in spirit that I can’t think of a fun activity that my son would enjoy with me? Yes. I’ve actually been asking […]

Choosing joy.

December 12th, 2013

choose JOY

Choosing joy. What does this mean? For this mama, store it means choosing activities that I would normally not want to do and finding any type of pleasure in them. Yesterday I went out in the cold and with bare fingers, buy cialis I picked up snow that I rolled into a ball. Then I […]

When life turns into the doldrums

December 11th, 2013


I was sitting on my bed last night having a “serious” conversation with my husband. It’s not something we do very often. Normally after work he’d come home, click take a nap, and then do more work for the rest of the night. I would usually fight with myself over wanting to read but spending […]

Hair cut

December 9th, 2013


Someone was clearly in need of a haircut and I couldn’t find the clippers or even convince my husband to pick them up from my cousin. I decided that Neylan should get a haircut when Daddy did. What do you think? Super cute!

Listen to me, Mommy.

December 6th, 2013


I’m constantly learning new things from my son. I think I learn more about life from him than he does from me. Take this little bit for example: Daddy recently decided, buy cialis because Neylan wouldn’t pick up his toys when the repair guy came over to fix something in our living room wall, treatment […]