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Dealing with a Lie

My child is as perfect as children come, but I’ll be the first tell you that today his wings don’t look so big and horns have grown out of the top of his head. The only thing keeping that halo in place today are those horns. My child is far from perfect today, and I’m […]

Our Weekend in Pictures (October 12- October 13, 2013)

SATURADAY MORNING! Our Saturday morning started off right. šŸ™‚ We were woken up by a knock on the sliding glass door by the FedEx man. We felt fairly groggy until we realized, malady “Holy cow! It’s our large Enterprise-E!” and ran down the stairs as quickly as we could. Out of the Amazon box! We […]

Taking a step back

By the middle of last week I was on the verge of a break down. That’s what happens when you decide, order even though you are a mother of a three year old, check that you aren’t doing enough. By that point I added hours of study and reading, writing 6 pages of emotionally charged […]

Pumpkin All the Things!

It’s that time of year. I can already feel the crisp air and smell the foliageĀ changing to fit the times. I’ve even had to run my heat in the morning for a little bit recently. The cold is coming. The other thing that is coming? Pumpkin. Everything pumpkin. My husband loves this time of year, […]

We have a case of the “Mommy, Daddy said”s…

It’s almost 3:45PM… and I’m still trying to encourage Neylan to pick up his own toys. It has been one of those days. Neylan: Mommy! Daddy told you to pick up my toys. At that moment Daddy comes out of the bathroom upstairs… Mommy: Hey Daddy! Daddy: Yeah? Mommy: Neylan, doctor told me that you […]

Let’s not forget

Ā I was in the process of making Neylan some magnetic “date keepers” and realized the date… Let’s not forget to pray for those who lost a loved one. Let’s not forget that this event shook our nation. Let’s not forget that we were angry because innocent people lost their lives. I pray that this nation […]

Kindred (Finished)

If there was ever a book that I could not put down and learned so much from, illness but I absolutely hated reading through… KindredĀ was that book. As many of you know, drugstore I am very much a “feeler”. I’m emotionally sensitive, and I have no problem with putting myself in the shoes of others […]

Something I wish I told myself before about the journey I’m on

Have you told yourself today that you love you? For a person like me, viagra who is always so self-deprecating, it’s something I need to do once in a while. People may say nice things about me, but it doesn’t change my inner voice. I guess I need to actually say the words in order […]

Ooops… You broke it.

Don’t worry guys. It’s nothing big. I’m just trying to fix some website plugins now that I’m writing like a crazy person. For your entertainment though, sales I offer you this picture… because I feel like it describes what I’m dealing with here. šŸ˜›

New car, New trips

You aren’t going to believe this. I had over 300 words when I tried to edit a picture, cialis and WordPress completely erased everything that I wrote. *sigh* So I’m trying this all again. I started out something like this: One of my best friends must be trying to send me a hint or something. […]