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I’m Making Time for Writing Practice

I’ve been crazy the past few days. Even though my entire family has been dealing with the cold that the little man had, buy cialis I’ve ¬†been pushing myself forward toward NaNoWriMo. Forget sickness. I’m glad for the instruction from people who have written before and are still writing currently. I’ve gone to them for […]

In the shadows?

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard or seen the following phrase many times in your life: Well, case not always. But in the case of my husband and myself, drugstore we have an interesting dynamic going. I love how we are supportive of each other. He always allows me to do what I want and what […]

Something I wish I told myself before about the journey I’m on

Have you told yourself today that you love you? For a person like me, viagra who is always so self-deprecating, it’s something I need to do once in a while. People may say nice things about me, but it doesn’t change my inner voice. I guess I need to actually say the words in order […]

Maybe it’s like the raindrop picture.

Probably one of the hardest things I’ve been going through recently is my need to write and not being happy with the medium that I’m trying to choose to accomplish it. Every person who starts out writing seems to have grand dreams. “I want to write a novel.”, and “I want to publish a book […]

Ointment, Ointment Everywhere…

If you haven’t realized it, sildenafil ointment” is the word of the last 24-48 hours. Our story starts with a tired and already sleeping Daddy who, malady while sick with a cold, doctor still has to wake up at about 5 AM to beat the traffic to work. My sweet Neylan fell asleep earlier in […]

Daylight Savings Time…

Annoyed. Very annoyed. I’ve tried so hard not to openly complain about this on the website, buy viagra but this blog is for everything… so I’m going to rant. Growing up, I didn’t like the time change. It didn’t matter if it was Daylight Savings Time or the end of it. No matter what, I […]

What I Think Matters to Me…

Growing up I was the good girl. I wanted people to be happy with what I did, cheap who I was, sovaldi sale and how I acted. I wouldn’t say that it was a terrible thing… until I let what other people expected rule my life. I hate it. I’ve always been defensive. I’ve always […]