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Enjoy your brand new baby

A friend of mine had a baby today and, here although I was at work, sovaldi I was checking for updates the moment I went on my break and as soon as I got out of work. The close knit group I am a part of has been anticipating this day since the moment she […]

Taking a break

Just a little word to let you know that I’m taking a break. I don’t know when I’ll be back. I’m taking some time to focus on private writing and conversation. Everything I have written up to this point has been out in the public view and I need some time to commune with God […]

My undoing and my healing

My child. I love my child. How can it be that the person actually “suffering” from a condition can be stronger than the one witnessing the struggle? I know many would say that my son just doesn’t know better yet. He didn’t then, viagra sale but he knows a lot about things now… As much […]

When life turns into the doldrums

I was sitting on my bed last night having a “serious” conversation with my husband. It’s not something we do very often. Normally after work he’d come home, click take a nap, and then do more work for the rest of the night. I would usually fight with myself over wanting to read but spending […]

Listen to me, Mommy.

I’m constantly learning new things from my son. I think I learn more about life from him than he does from me. Take this little bit for example: Daddy recently decided, buy cialis because Neylan wouldn’t pick up his toys when the repair guy came over to fix something in our living room wall, treatment […]

The Artist Formally Known as Ney

My son has been having a lot of fun with the Rock Band microphone that we have and my husband has allowed him to record bits and pieces of songs he’s wanted to sing or has made up on his own. [soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/122901779″ params=”color=990000&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Through my Son’s eyes…

For my son’s 3rd birthday– which happened to be last July– my husband got him an old digital camera that was being sold cheaply at a yard sale. Ney loved cameras and taking pictures. On numerous occasions he would take Grammie’s phone or Daddy’s phone, healing just so he could take pictures. That was the […]

Milestone: New bedroom, New bed.

As some of you are aware, decease my sweet boy started sleeping in his own room last night…*finally*! Some of you didn’t know what our living arrangements were like before our move, viagra and in order to understand this little story, pharmacy it’s important to add that information. Since Neylan’s birth, we have only been […]

Dealing with a Lie

My child is as perfect as children come, but I’ll be the first tell you that today his wings don’t look so big and horns have grown out of the top of his head. The only thing keeping that halo in place today are those horns. My child is far from perfect today, and I’m […]

PSA: Little man misses Auntie

My son and I just left a message on Auntie’s answering machine. He said “hi”. He told her that the rain was coming. As I was getting ready to hang up, prescription I told her than Neylan missed her and we’d love to talk to her later. As soon as the phone call was over, […]