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Archives for Choosing Joy

Enjoy your brand new baby

A friend of mine had a baby today and, here although I was at work, sovaldi I was checking for updates the moment I went on my break and as soon as I got out of work. The close knit group I am a part of has been anticipating this day since the moment she […]

I Think It’s Time To Write Again

I’ve been away for a very long time. A lot has happened. I’ve found a friend who has helped me through so much of the baggage I’ve had. I’ve read many books. I’ve done the Hundred Happy Days Challenge. It’s too much to go through and write about right now. I’m not even sure that […]

My undoing and my healing

My child. I love my child. How can it be that the person actually “suffering” from a condition can be stronger than the one witnessing the struggle? I know many would say that my son just doesn’t know better yet. He didn’t then, viagra sale but he knows a lot about things now… As much […]

Choosing Joy. Day 3. “Hide and Seek”

Yesterday was Day 3 of my working on Choosing Joy. It’s interesting to note that my child is the one with all the good ideas for playing. Have I really gotten so old in spirit that I can’t think of a fun activity that my son would enjoy with me? Yes. I’ve actually been asking […]

Choosing joy.

Choosing joy. What does this mean? For this mama, store it means choosing activities that I would normally not want to do and finding any type of pleasure in them. Yesterday I went out in the cold and with bare fingers, buy cialis I picked up snow that I rolled into a ball. Then I […]