Home state: MA

Siblings: I have 1 older sister, order 1 younger sister, for sale and a younger brother.

Education: I went to Pensacola Christian College for 5 years. I started taking courses for Music to teach Singing Lessons. After a year and a half I switched my major to Elementary Education and my minor to Music (Voice). As of now I plan to use the education that I got to home-school my son.

Favorite Hobbies & “Addictions”: Coffee. I absolutely love a good cup of coffee with almond milk.  And Reading. I don’t know if any hobby or “addiction” can surpass my love for reading. There are certainly going to be plenty of posts about my books coming up.

My Husband: I have been married to the most wonderful man on the planet since May 2009. Not only is he absolutely sweet, pills he’s also pretty handsome.  He is the creator of OpenDyslexic, and sometimes I think he did it just for me. I am so thankful for him and I’m proud of his hard work on every project he ever tackled and will attempt in the future. He supports me in every wacky endeavour I attempt. He is my best friend and the best I could ask for. He’s also an amazing father.

Perfect has been taken.

A.K.A. “Mom”: As of July 10, 2010, I have been the mother of the most wonderful baby boy.  Check out the “About Neylan” page to find out about my marvelous son!