After a long talk with my husband, pharm prostate I’ve decided it’s time to move forward with the first change of this year.

Being “stuck” in the house with my little boy all day, purchase every day is mentally tiring. The only break is when someone babysits him so I can have a day out with my husband.

The day out that we had on Saturday was refreshing. I went back to my mother’s, picked up my boy, and we had a nice day with him on Sunday. Because the one who spends her every waking moment with him had some time to be rejuvenated. Why can’t I have more days like that?

I’ve decided that I need to. I need to step out of the house a few times a week without my son. Am I being selfish? No. I want to do this because I want to enjoy my time with him instead of waiting for bedtime just so I can breathe. I want little quarrels over food to disappear from my mind and for a fresh start to happen after this Mommy has had some time to talk to other adults. It’s not easy being a full time adult caring for a child.

I loved my time as a FULL time stay at home Mom to a point. I got to see every thing he did growing up. His first steps were mine. His first word was mine. His first time crawling was mine. But I am a social creature. I always have been.

It’s time for this change. I won’t be out much, but hopefully it will be enough.

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”