Wednesday, pilule I was over at my mother’s spending time with my family because my cousin Jon came over to our side of MA for a visit. Everyone but Jon had tacos (he’s a picky eater. Always has been. Give him cereal and call it a day.), sales and we all sat around my mother’s kitchen table talking.

It was during our conversations that my sister mentioned that everyone was getting together at her house and that her friend Kayla was coming over to do hair.

Kayla is an amazing hair dresser. She was the one who did the underneath of my hair purple when when I wanted a DRASTIC change. She got married and was living in South Africa for a while, but now that she’s back in the States, I felt very comfortable with letting her touch my hair. She has never done anything I didn’t like.

The last time I got a hair cut was in July. Because my hair is thin, the hairdresser said that she would do a straight cut. I kept my length and got the straight cut.

Looking back I think, “Eww. Seriously. MOM CUT.” It did nothing for me. Physically, mentally, or emotionally. I felt no different.

When I had a couple seconds to talk to Kayla before she started my sister’s highlights, I mentioned that I wanted to go short IF it would look good on me. She eyed my face and my hair, and smiled answering, “I’ve got the perfect thing for you.”

1017126_10153707128755291_2021068504_n 1506578_10153707136330291_1432465360_n 1497557_10153707139150291_1671485657_n

Perfect it is. My husband even called it perfect. I feel fantastic. I look fantastic. It’s so amazing what a haircut can do!

Having a down day? Need to invigorate yourself and your life? Go to someone you trust and get your hair done. 🙂

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”