One of my good friends has been doing this “One Word 365” thing for the past few years.  Her first word was Trust. I saw how she grew deeper in her trust in God throughout every part of her life. The second word was Grace… and I saw her extend GRACE to people who didn’t deserve it. I’ve seen her grow closer to God and I’ve seen how this has TRANSFORMED her heart, purchase her mind, healing and her life. I wanted to see that happen in mine.

I went onto the website, shop, totally clueless as to which word I would want to study and seek out. As I sat there looking at the screen I thought to myself, “If there is one word in the world that I want to be one with and have transform my life as I follow after God and go through my everyday life… it is peace.” And in that moment, something in me called out “That’s your word!”

Why did that word call to me?  Because I’m so tired of warring with myself. I need to find peace with my recent past and with myself. I’ve mentioned many times that my mind is constantly fighting me. I know that I need peace not just in my physical life, but in my mental and spiritual as well.

I’m going to take this journey. And I’m going to find God’s peace.

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”