My child.

I love my child.

How can it be that the person actually “suffering” from a condition can be stronger than the one witnessing the struggle? I know many would say that my son just doesn’t know better yet. He didn’t then, viagra sale but he knows a lot about things now… As much as a three and a half year old can know.

He recently has started drawing pictures of the family. These pictures are the kind of pictures you’d expect to see from a child his age; blobs with two eyes and smiling faces. Oh. And don’t forget the belly buttons.

(In order: Neylan with belly button, Mommy with long straight hair, Daddy all the way on the right.)

My son thinks his belly button is amazing. I agree. Not every child has a belly button made by a doctor.

When he creates pictures of us he’s very certain to put belly buttons. It’s a little thing to most, but it’s a huge thing to him.

He does know he’s different, but he’s so amazing in how different he is that he thinks everyone else should be just like him.

Today we were drawing some pictures together. I drew the Enterprise, a planet, and Mr. Spock on some flat ground. When it was Neylan’s turn to add to the picture, he colored some stars, some squiggles on the planet, some “extra detail” on the Enterprise, and some squiggles on Mr. Spock, near his belly button.


“What’s that on Mr. Spock, Neylan?”

“A scar. He has a scar, just like me.” Said my sweet boy in all smiles.

Yes, baby. Love yourself the way you are. You are spectacular.

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”