I’m constantly learning new things from my son. I think I learn more about life from him than he does from me. Take this little bit for example:

Daddy recently decided, buy cialis because Neylan wouldn’t pick up his toys when the repair guy came over to fix something in our living room wall, treatment that Neylan’s toys will stay upstairs in his bedroom from now on. I let him have two or three things to play with during the day, but it all goes back upstairs by the end of the night.

Yesterday, Neylan and Mommy got into a little “back and forth” because he wanted to bring one more empty toy bin downstairs. I was not having it.

“Neylan. Do not bring that bin down the stairs!” I called up.

“But Mommy I…”

“Just do as I say!”

“Mommy, I…”

He did do as I asked. He came downstairs, without the other bin. He was frustrated.

“Listen to me!”, he said. He was doing a better job exuding self control than I was, which is pretty sad considering that I’m the role model and I’ve had 24 years more experience than he has.

And I realized that I cut him off every time he wanted to explain what he was trying to do. EVERY TIME he tried to talk to me. All he wanted to do was explain it. So. I listened.

“Mommy, I just wanted to make a bridge.”

“Couldn’t you do that upstairs?”

“No. There is no room in my bedroom.”

He was right. His toys were all over his bedroom floor because the bins and covers he was using to build his “bridge” were the bins his toys were housed in.

I calmly waited my turn to talk to him, and said, “I understand that you don’t have room, but do you remember what Daddy said about your toys the other day? I’ve already allowed you to bring one bin down and I’m not going to allow you to bring the other one down.”

And he completely understood and agreed with my position. He just wanted a chance to explain himself and hear a calm explanation from me also.

“Hey, Mommy! Can I use the trampoline instead of the bin?”

“Sure. I’ll roll it over.”

This brought Eph. 6:4 back to my mind and I realized, again, that not listening to my child will cause him to become rightfully angry at me.

And for those who think my child was being disrespectful when he told me to listen to him… I WAS BEING DISRESPECTFUL TO HIM, by not listening to him. Respect is a two way street.

Megan A.K.A “Mom”