Yesterday was Day 3 of my working on Choosing Joy. It’s interesting to note that my child is the one with all the good ideas for playing. Have I really gotten so old in spirit that I can’t think of a fun activity that my son would enjoy with me? Yes. I’ve actually been asking other people around me for ideas, levitra because either my sense of fun has gotten as small as the Grinch’s heart or I’m… no. It’s the first one.

Neylan gave me a great suggestion yesterday.

“Let’s play hide and seek Mommy!” he said.

And for some ridiculous reason something inside me groaned. It wasn’t my joints or my muscles, for sale even though I’ve felt like that first thing on a cold morning. It was my sense of fun.

Then a thought hit me. “Choose joy, view Megan!”

“OK. Neylan! Let’s go!” I said, trying to feel enthusiastic about it.

Mommy knows that Neylan’s favorite hiding spots are under his blanket in his bedroom. Or under his blanket in a box. Oh! And under a blanket in my room. But just because my child doesn’t understand what it means to choose a tough or interesting hiding spot doesn’t mean that Mommy doesn’t.

So, we started with Neylan hiding, as always, under a blanket.

hide and seek 1

“Where is Neylan? I can’t see him!”

The moment I got close enough to him, he threw the blanket off himself and said, “Here I am, Mommy! You found me!”

My first hiding spot was in his closet under a blanket. He got so tired of looking for me that he grabbed his Auntie Jody blanket and decided to hide again. I unintentionally scared him when I threw my blanket off. “Woah! Mommy! You were in my closet!”

I also hid next to the closet in our dining room with a painting in front of my face. He got a kick out of that one because I was out in the open and I just looked so silly.

My last hiding spot was quite a bit tougher for him.


In fact, he just couldn’t find me. I’m guessing there was an unspoken rule about hide and seek only happening in the bedrooms if anyone was hiding upstairs. So I had to resort to calling him from behind the shower curtain.

“I’m upstairs, Neylan!” He came running upstairs again, and he in the rooms and the closets.


And he finally followed my voice into the bathroom, before departing again to look in the rooms because “there’s no way Mommy would hide in the bathroom.”

“Neylan.” I called out again.

He came back in the bathroom and seeing nothing finally decided to look behind the shower curtain.


“Ahhh! I found you!” He said while jumping up and down, with joy emanating from his face to fill even my heart with happiness.

I want to feel the happiness he felt when he found me. I am going to keep choosing joy because I’m beginning to see and enjoy life the way my son does every day. He finds happiness and excitement in everything. I want that.

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”