I’m in a bit of a rut at the moment. I feel like nothing that I would want to write is anything that I can share.

I’m a confidant. A mentor. A secret keeper. A counselor.

I’ve been told of many different struggles by many of my close friends and their pain is with me. Their pain hurts. I feel as if I share the burden they bear, buy viagra if only to make it lighter. And I realized that’s what being a friend is.

I wish I could tell you the stories because it would help to get them off my chest. It would ¬†help me only a little, remedy but not help my friends at all. Even if I didn’t share their names, cialis or if I made their gender pronouns the opposite, someone would see something and know of whom I was speaking.

So for now, I’m “mum”. I won’t speak of it. I will only offer what support I can give from this place many miles away. I can only tell these people that I love them so deeply and pray that they understand.


To my friends,

I promise you that your secret is safe with me. Know that you can trust me to help you, to guide you, to love you, and to be here in whatever way I can. I won’t judge you. I will listen. I will cry with you and help you bear that burden that so greatly bears down upon your soul.

Don’t be surprised if I give you a little unsolicited advice. I promise I won’t be surprised when you don’t take it. I might shake my head because I think I can see what you are heading for, but I will also look forward to the beautiful conclusion of the saga you are embarked upon.

Remember that your life is your life. I don’t know everything that you are going through, even when you try to convey as much of it to me as your words and tears can. I will never know exactly what it feels like to walk in your shoes, even though I try to.

Don’t think you have ever disappointed me. You don’t have to answer to me.

Please know just how much I love you. Please know that you are a great part of my life. You may not even realize what you mean to me.

I cry when you cry. I hurt when you hurt. I feel anger when someone has done an injustice to you and wish that I could make it right. I want to fight your battles for you and take away the pain. I’m here for the good and the bad. I want to rejoice with you when you make progress. I want to sing when you love yourself the way you are.

I love you and that makes me feel a bit clingy, but sometimes, clingy might be a good thing. I want to be your ridiculously “clingy” friend.

Megan A.K.A. “Secret Keeper”