My Samsung Chromebook has been sent back for repairs. After struggling for some time to log into the wordpress app on my phone, clinic pills I got it all set up. While the computer is away I’ll leave some little goodies from my phone.

The picture below is the problem with my screen


I guess having the app on my phone will be helpful because I can write pretty much anywhere my phone is. But off of this topic and onto my last read… Followed by my newest.

Last Read

Thankfully, pills I did finish The Passage the other day. I think that my review of it will stay about the same.

How can I say that I didn’t really like it, thumb but that it had its moments? It just really wasn’t my type of book. There were some things that stuck out at me more than others though.

The opening of The Passage seemed a bit cliche. Poor woman has a child. Baby’s father is abusive. Mom runs away with child to become a prostitute. I’m not saying it didn’t make me cry. It did. I’m not cold hearted, but I still think the beginning was cliche. We’ve read and watched these types of stories so many times before. I’m trying to give the author the thought that Maybe the author felt that was vitally important to his story. I understand the whole “lonely girl” theme is part of the story and it does become a “resolved issue” in the end.

I have more issues still. We know that the main character of the story is special. We see this when she goes to the zoo. But did I miss something somewhere? Why is she special? Where does she get this “special” from? How is she the cause of what happened at the zoo? I know the girl is not like the men this virus was tested on. Is it because she was young that she was not harmed the way they were or was it because she had that special something that was alluded to? I don’t mind fans of the book explaining it to me –and no I didn’t talk to my husband about it before posting this.

My last major issue with the story, along with its length, is how many major characters I had to know. It seemed as if every character had to be a main character. There is a way to throw characters into a book, but the way the author handled the characters was a bit hard to follow.

To tell you the truth, I think this book would have been better as a series. Given more time with the main characters, I think the book would have made more sense to me.

Since when did I actually become a book critic?

Newest Read


I’m currently reading Running the Books by Avi Steinberg in my attempt to learn the art of Memoir. I love the genre. There is so much to learn from the experiences of others and also from their writing styles– the author’s voice.

The current memoir is about a man with a devoutly Jewish background who winds up as a prison librarian in Boston. After going to a wedding and seeing his Orthodox teachers and how far he is from where they expected him to end up, he decides that he needs a change from obituary writing. He applies for a librarian position at the prison in Boston.

I’m really enjoying this book so far. I’m finding that I don’t want to put it down at 12AM– which is about an hour past the time I should be going to bed because of the time change. I would recommend it to anyone interested.

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”