It’s raining. Little droplets of water fall from a high place in the sky, physician squealing “wheeee” all the way down. They hit the puddle on the road with a splash breaking into tiny bits and joining other puddles. In the end a raindrop becomes part of its surrounding water. The raindrop blends in seamlessly.

No one is afraid of a rain drop. When they come down in large number people start to panic. The more water droplets become part of the whole, the more the puddle grows. It takes over. It flows where it will go. The water rises.

The rain comes down harder. More droplets join the group. Once the deluge starts it doesn’t stop until the cloud has accomplished its purpose.

The sun comes out. Only the most droplet fed bodies survive the trials of the sun. But even they wait for the clouds to break open, pouring showers again.

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”