1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (Young’s Literal Translation)

4 The love is long-suffering, medical it is kind, healing the love doth not envy, sovaldi sale the love doth not vaunt itself, is not puffed up,

5 doth not act unseemly, doth not seek its own things, is not provoked, doth not impute evil,

6 rejoiceth not over the unrighteousness, and rejoiceth with the truth;

7 all things it beareth, all it believeth, all it hopeth, all it endureth.

8 The love doth never fail;

Back in 2009, shortly after I got married to my husband, I started writing a list. It was one thing for every day, written in a concise sentence or two. I wanted to keep it short so that I would have more space in the book, and writing one sentence took less time than writing a paragraph. Each day, written next to the date was a little look into my heart and the heart of my husband. I wrote what I was thankful for, and I wrote about the little things that he did for me to show me he loved me.

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I didn’t keep a perfect record. I lost the notebook in a move and when I found it again, I took the page out to give to my husband because I needed the notebook for something else.

I’ve recently gotten back into the habit. On October 29th,  2013 — after about 4 1/2 years of marriage– I restarted the list in a beautiful notebook that my husband got me years ago. My first entry was just a simple “Helped me get Neylan to bed.” But that meant all the world to me.

Why am I writing about this now? My sister-in-law shared a quote last night, and I thought it was worthy of sharing and talking about also.

Love doesn’t keep a record of wrongs. If you’re going to keep a record of anything, make sure it’s about all the good things people do. If you have a record of wrongs…erase them. ~Joyce Meyer

I know that in life people may hurt us. A lot of times people do. Sometimes, sadly, it’s intentional. Sometimes it is unintentional. You can’t erase the hurt that the person caused, but why dwell on it? I believe that’s what it means to not keep a record of wrongs.

One thing I have learned in my years of marriage is that it is the little things that bother us constantly. A wife might get annoyed with her husband when he forgets to take out the trash. A husband might be frustrated by his wife taking the last towel out of the bathroom. A wife might get peeved when her husband doesn’t listen to what she says. A husband might become cross when his wife expects him to drop his work to do something for her right away.

Forget those little things. Write about the good little things in life. Marriage is hard enough and holding onto little hurts will make it turn sour quickly.

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If you have a husband, like mine, who isn’t perfect but is as perfect as they come, don’t allow the “wrongs” to ruin the relationship you have. Start keeping a record of rights.

Megan A.K.A. “Wife”