Our Saturday morning started off right. 🙂 We were woken up by a knock on the sliding glass door by the FedEx man. We felt fairly groggy until we realized, malady “Holy cow! It’s our large Enterprise-E!” and ran down the stairs as quickly as we could.

Out of the Amazon box! We got a large version of the E before getting the large version of the Enterprise-D because it went down in price. The NCC 1701-D I want is still over $120.

Admit it. That’s a sexy starship.

In case you were wondering, no rx yes it does light up and make noise. You should have seen how excited Neylan was when he heard Captain Picard’s voice.

Ready for her close up, check My husband is doing what he loves best. Macro setting on. Can you see just how close that camera is to the top of the ship?

My favorite of the 1701-E pictures Abelardo took.



Grammie came over with her friend Nancy after Church for a little while. She brought Neylan his favorite “Grammie get together” food, macaroni with Cheese from Trucchi’s. He gobbled it up after she left because –and this is just speculation– he didn’t want to take any time away from their visit.

Later, we went to the Colony Place Mall, where we went “window shopping”. How could I not? They have an Ulta and a Charming Charlie!

And I did take a ridiculous picture of the store from the car… I wasn’t happy or anything. ;P

After spending some time looking around, my husband decided that he had to have Japanese food. Because we’ve both been craving it for a while, we decided against Red Robin. Our waitress set Neylan up with a pair of beginners chopsticks, which he to called “kidnappers” for the rest of the day.

Our waitress, who struggled with her English a bit, was very thorough in making it known to everyone preparing our food that we had allergies. Can I even begin to tell you how thankful I am that she was so involved? The mayonaise that is used in the spicy tuna roll, which I ordered, had milk! She did her research and explained it to me, saying that she’d ask them to use hot chili paste instead.

I’m quite certain that my rolls were allergen free. I’m not in pain and I’m not dead, which is pretty good proof of that. 🙂 I’ve never had such a thorough waitress. We tipped her very well.

Can you see how excited he is? Abbie told me that he used to eat “sushi” all the time when he worked across the street from Ichiban in Pensacola. He has really missed eating a nice Philidelphia roll that contained the salmon, cream cheese, and avacado. I guess some places make it differently.

And I’ll finish with this one…

Mommy with Neylan… and one of the “kidnappers” in his mouth.

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”