As some of you are aware, decease my sweet boy started sleeping in his own room last night…*finally*!


Some of you didn’t know what our living arrangements were like before our move, viagra and in order to understand this little story, pharmacy it’s important to add that information. Since Neylan’s birth, we have only been able to afford a one bedroom place. But when we moved in July, we¬†upgraded to two bedrooms. We were just waiting for things to fall into place to get Neylan’s bed frame and for him to feel ready enough to go to sleep in his own room.

I was certain that he was finally ready for it, even if we still had a few obstacles to overcome in the future.

Last night my husband came home with the slats that we needed for Little Man’s bed, placed them appropriately, and put his toddler mattress on top. With his pillow, blankets, and “doggie-light” in place, Ney was ready for a “campout”. To help him make the shift to his own room more easily, I put his night light in his room and moved the sound machine from our room to his. Mommy and Neylan sang songs and read “Dorothy”. After stories and songs, Daddy came in and “went camping” with Ney until he finally went to sleep. He slept until about 1 AM –at least that’s when I heard him calling for me — and I helped him back to sleep. Then he slept until about 2:30 and came into our room to sleep for the rest of the night.

I’d say that wasn’t bad for a first night in his own room.

Please pray with us that this will become second nature soon, because it’s definitely left my husband and me feeling tired. Neylan seemed to sleep better than normal; his attitude has reflected that all day.

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”