photo (12)

Messy hair and markered face, cialis
Pearly whites in a shining grin,
Little boy with chubby cheeks,
What am I going to do with him?

This little voice makes shrieking sounds,
Laughter loud with song,
And crying tears with whining babel,
Everyday, all day long.

Playing hard with sand all over,
he’s asking too many questions.
Learning too much at one time,
And making little “man” suggestions.

Oh, there goes that boy again,
pretending he’s a race car.
He’s knocking over everything in sight,
because that’s just how little boys are.

He has little scars on his little tummy,
and a belly button that his doctor made.
The strongest little boy in all the world,
was just a day old when he went under the blade.

It could be so much worse for him.
It could have been even then.
I’m even more thankful for that little boy,
When I think to that time way back when.

So the dirty shoes and dirty feet,
my dirty living room floor,
I will take them all as they are,
because I could not ask for anything more.

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”