This morning while I was making my breakfast and my coffee, sovaldi sale which incidentally turned out to be horrendously cooked coconut flour pancakes, I put on a little bundle of shows on Netflix. You know the bundles containing a Barney episode, one of Thomas the Tank Engine, Fireman Sam, Kipper, and so on? One of those.

I think it was about the time he got to “Kipper” that he decided that the TV just wasn’t holding his attention enough and “Ooooh! Toys!”


I came out of the kitchen to see him playing behind the couch with his fire truck and train set, so I turned off the TV.

“Mommy! Why’d you turn the TV off!?”, Neylan said completely confused.

“Were you watching it, Neylan? It looked to me like you were playing with your toys.”

“I was playing with my toys. I need the TV on!”

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Ah, the logic of a three year old.

As THE mother, I said it wasn’t going to happen. He had to choose. He “chose” the show. I put it back on and he watched for about 30 seconds before he went back to his toys. I turned it off.

About 5 minutes later, noises from Neylan and noises from outside our house started to distract my thoughts as I was trying to write SOMETHING, ANYTHING. To cancel those noises out and let the creative juices flow, I turned on the radio on the Apple TV (No, my husband is not an Apple junkie. /sarcasm) to something soothing and thought provoking. “New age” music has always helped me to concentrate.

Neylan, noticing the TV on, comes around the couch as quickly as he can.

“Mommy! Why’s the TV on? I’m playing with my toys. The TV needs to be off.”

“Mommy’s just putting on some quiet music for us to listen to while we work and play.”

“But Mommy, the TV needs to be off.” he said.

“I’ll turn it down.”

*Problem solved*

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But does that make me a hypocrite?

Maybe… I “watch” TV (on my phone or Touch pad) and clean or cook all the time. Hmmm… something to think about, huh?
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If I find that this behavior, after telling my child he will NOT do something similar and “reviewing” it for myself, is something that’s lacking in my own character, I’m going to fix it. It’s annoying and detrimental to have a parent tell a child something, but not live by it themselves.

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”