JoeyandneybeachOn the 7th, viagra we went to a party for Ney’s cousin, cheap who turned 16! He’s growing up too quickly, check but then again they all are. The party was along Nantasket Beach. The above picture is Little Man and his younger of the 2 cousins playing in the sand.

mommyandNeybeachEvery once in a while we do NEED a picture of the Mama. 😛 Here is a picture of Ney and Mommy getting wet in the waves.

Ney and Grampie walking on the beach.

joeyneygrammiebeachLast beach pic, Ney with Grammie and cousin Joey.

photo 3The Mommy and the Daddy went to the Independence Mall for a DateDAY while Neylan went to the Mystic Aquarium with Auntie Rei and her friends. A good time was had by all. Mommy and Daddy came home with a couple of candles (buy one, get one free) from Yankee Candle. I said I would never… We totally did though. (Tee hee)

Husband and I had dinner out at Harry’s.

On Wednesday we went to the Library in out town with Grammie! We got our library card!

Ney got to play with the little kitchen area. You can see pizza on the floor and an apple in his hands.

We took out six really cool books. Mommy was able to get on the waiting list for the new Jim Henson biography that is coming out at the end of September.

Mommy also did up magnets on Wednesday so Ney could learn and remember what day of the week it is.

He drew us a pretty picture. >_<

Neylan decided that he really wanted to draw us a pretty picture… sadly, it happened on the wall of his bedroom…

photo 2
I like this picture a bit more because he did it on paper. 😛

So that’s our week! IN PICTURES!

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”