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Archives for September, 2013

Kindred (Finished)

If there was ever a book that I could not put down and learned so much from, illness but I absolutely hated reading through… Kindred was that book. As many of you know, drugstore I am very much a “feeler”. I’m emotionally sensitive, and I have no problem with putting myself in the shoes of others […]

Something I wish I told myself before about the journey I’m on

Have you told yourself today that you love you? For a person like me, viagra who is always so self-deprecating, it’s something I need to do once in a while. People may say nice things about me, but it doesn’t change my inner voice. I guess I need to actually say the words in order […]

My reactions to interruptions while reading

A friend of mine shared this with me. It really is a great representation… minus the first frame. First Frame: Not applicable to me, sales because it is never “safe to engage”. Skip to the second. Second Frame: Engage with care, sale but don’t be surprised if you get an eye-roll with great annoyance. Third […]

Ooops… You broke it.

Don’t worry guys. It’s nothing big. I’m just trying to fix some website plugins now that I’m writing like a crazy person. For your entertainment though, sales I offer you this picture… because I feel like it describes what I’m dealing with here. đŸ˜›

Zesty Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken Breast

I saw a recipe on MarthaStewart.com yesterday that I figured would be nice… but knowing the cook that I am, rx I felt it would be better if I tweaked it! I’m posting this as much for my benefit as for yours. One of my biggest pet peeves is creating a recipe I like and […]

Booking it!

I have done it again! I have added another book to my already overflowing library of e-books. As of right now my Goodreads account has 6 total books “being read”. I’m only actively reading about 2 or 3 of them. I just finished reading Diana Gabaldon’s story, generic a very short one for her, called […]

Maybe it’s like the raindrop picture.

Probably one of the hardest things I’ve been going through recently is my need to write and not being happy with the medium that I’m trying to choose to accomplish it. Every person who starts out writing seems to have grand dreams. “I want to write a novel.”, and “I want to publish a book […]