My sweet boy is having a lazy day.

Poor little bud is sick with a cold that came on very suddenly Wednesday night. He went out with Daddy to play Ingress. Daddy and Ney got home at about 6 PM, there and he was asleep. I brought him upstairs to bed and then came downstairs to have dinner with Daddy.

Daddy and I were in the middle of watching Star Trek: The Next Generation when we heard Neylan calling for me from the bedroom.

“Mommy. Mommy, diagnosis where’d you go?”

So we took Netflix upstairs and checked him out to find a stuffy nose.

Some Vicks, sales propped up pillows, and an episode of ST:TNG later he was asleep. My own sleep was fitful because I was constantly checking him to make sure he was propped up.

So far our day has consisted of not doing much. Mommy is forfeiting quite a bit of writing time to take care of the boy, but I’ll leave you guys with some cute pictures and a video to make up for it.

Neylan chilling on the couch

Neylan chilling on the couch


Watching Mater's Tall Tales.

Watching Mater’s Tall Tales.


Sleepy boy

Sleepy boy.