I’ve been crazy the past few days. Even though my entire family has been dealing with the cold that the little man had, buy cialis I’ve  been pushing myself forward toward NaNoWriMo. Forget sickness.

Sickness? Ain't nobody got time for dat.

Sickness? Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

I’m glad for the instruction from people who have written before and are still writing currently. I’ve gone to them for advice. I can’t talk to them in person, shop but I can read the words they’ve put on paper. I almost feel like I am sitting at their feet listening and taking notes.

I’m a “forever” student. I seriously wonder how many other people would be as excited I am over the books I got. Who else really wants to learn how to write properly and also how to let the writing process come smoothly? (Don’t worry; I’m not stuck up enough to think I’m the only one.)

After I got these books and started looking over them, generic I had a conversation with my friend Hayden. He’s an English major in college. Of course he’d be excited, right? After a bout of insomnia and telling him how excited I was through Facebook chat at almost 2 in the morning, I called him to fill him in on the goodies I snagged for my education before NaNoWriMo. He sat at the other end of the phone… taking notes and writing down the titles. It made my day!

Anyone who is interested in my lovely list of books, it is as follows:

  • On Writing Well by William Zinsser
  • Elements of Style (2011) by William Strunk (AKA “Strunk and White”)
  • Elements of Fiction Writing- Characters and Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card
  • How to Write a Damn Good Novel: A Step by Step No Nonsense Guide to Dramatic Storytelling by James N. Frey
  • On Writing by Stephen King
  • Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell
  • Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg

What are some of the changes that I’ve decided to make because of the time I’ve spent reading these books?


Colorful Verbs
-I believe that Zinsser has a point when he says that a colorful verb should be the center of the sentence. It’s the thing that pushes the sentence forward.
-I want to use action-packed and vibrant verbs to tell my stories. It’s time to start working on this.

Writing through the first thoughts
– Natalie Goldberg mentions in her book that the best way to learn how to write and keep the emotions behind your writing, is to write through the pain of the “first thoughts”. This means taking time to write for practice and giving yourself permission to write junk if that’s what comes out in the “heat of the moment”.
-I have done as she suggested and I’ve gotten a few single subject notebooks and a pen that writes nicely. I plan to fill a notebook every month with my “junky” first thoughts. I’ll warm up with that, then move onto that amazing book I’m writing.

Be yourself
-Both Zinsser and Goldberg continually admonish this reader and writer to be herself. I think that’s for everyone, not just me.
-I’m going to be myself. Only I can tell the story I plan to tell. I’m the only one who has the feelings and the memories. It’s just my job to transfer them to you, the reader.

I’m sure I’ll learn more, but here are the bits of knowledge I have to bestow upon you for now.

Megan A.K.A. “Writer”