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Archives for September, 2013

I’m Making Time for Writing Practice

I’ve been crazy the past few days. Even though my entire family has been dealing with the cold that the little man had, buy cialis I’ve  been pushing myself forward toward NaNoWriMo. Forget sickness. I’m glad for the instruction from people who have written before and are still writing currently. I’ve gone to them for […]

Little man is having a lazy day

My sweet boy is having a lazy day. Poor little bud is sick with a cold that came on very suddenly Wednesday night. He went out with Daddy to play Ingress. Daddy and Ney got home at about 6 PM, there and he was asleep. I brought him upstairs to bed and then came downstairs […]

Pumpkin All the Things!

It’s that time of year. I can already feel the crisp air and smell the foliage changing to fit the times. I’ve even had to run my heat in the morning for a little bit recently. The cold is coming. The other thing that is coming? Pumpkin. Everything pumpkin. My husband loves this time of year, […]

We have a case of the “Mommy, Daddy said”s…

It’s almost 3:45PM… and I’m still trying to encourage Neylan to pick up his own toys. It has been one of those days. Neylan: Mommy! Daddy told you to pick up my toys. At that moment Daddy comes out of the bathroom upstairs… Mommy: Hey Daddy! Daddy: Yeah? Mommy: Neylan, doctor told me that you […]

In the shadows?

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard or seen the following phrase many times in your life: Well, case not always. But in the case of my husband and myself, drugstore we have an interesting dynamic going. I love how we are supportive of each other. He always allows me to do what I want and what […]

Guess Who is Doing NaNoWriMo this year!?

I probably gave it away with all that excitement! DRUMROLL please. ME! Needless to say, decease this girl is just going to write. I’m in the process now of figuring out the names of my characters, store because I already have a great idea for my story. I’m reading through William Zinsser’s On Writing Well on […]

The video does NOT have to be on while you’re playing.

This morning while I was making my breakfast and my coffee, sovaldi sale which incidentally turned out to be horrendously cooked coconut flour pancakes, I put on a little bundle of shows on Netflix. You know the bundles containing a Barney episode, one of Thomas the Tank Engine, Fireman Sam, Kipper, and so on? One […]

“These are the Voyages”… Little man Quotes Picard’s Opening

I know, recipe the video is shaky and that I didn’t get the phone turned around in time, but who cares, right!? He knows the song… but he totally caught onto the camera. ;P That was the cutest thing you ever did see. Every time I see it my heart is warmed. Parenting, I think […]

Pictures from the past week! (Sept. 7-13, 2013)

On the 7th, viagra we went to a party for Ney’s cousin, cheap who turned 16! He’s growing up too quickly, check but then again they all are. The party was along Nantasket Beach. The above picture is Little Man and his younger of the 2 cousins playing in the sand. Every once in a […]

Let’s not forget

 I was in the process of making Neylan some magnetic “date keepers” and realized the date… Let’s not forget to pray for those who lost a loved one. Let’s not forget that this event shook our nation. Let’s not forget that we were angry because innocent people lost their lives. I pray that this nation […]