Sometimes, thumb you are part of a conversation that is just too amazing to not share. It’s too good for me to make up!? Enjoy!

Neylan: Daddy, buy cialis You find a controller for me [looking at his helicopter].

Daddy: I want to do that for you sometime…

Neylan: We can go to Lauren and Jim’s and get the¬†helicopter and the controller¬†…

Me: [looking at the Daddy and my Mom] Oh goodness… he has one of THOSE amazing memories. I really hope that I can remember all the things I say.

Daddy: (Talking to my mother about how his budget needs to be bigger for a better helicopter that isn’t infrared and how he’d want to do it inside.)

My Mom: Why don’t you go outside?

Abbie: You know what happens when I go outside, right?

Abbie: I dissolve. Me: You sparkle.

Abbie: [Glares at me] No. I don’t. I’m not a gay vampire. (Goes back to explaining how sun will cause problems with infrared helicopter and controller)

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”