Growing up I was the good girl. I wanted people to be happy with what I did, cheap who I was, sovaldi sale and how I acted. I wouldn’t say that it was a terrible thing… until I let what other people expected rule my life.

I hate it. I’ve always been defensive. I’ve always been afraid of what others would think. I started out my sentences with (and who am I kidding? I still do this multiple times a day.) “Call me crazy, sickness but…” or “Dumb question…”.

Why should I care what other people think, when I KNOW what I like or what I think? Why do I feel the need to negate every single word or feeling that I have? Since when has everyone else been living my life to the point where their words are the words of God? Since when did what they didn’t say or even infer matter?

It’s been a hard road going from what others expect of me to what *I* expect of me. There are still times I fall into the “what will people think” or calling what I LOVE to do or think dumb or stupid… I do it far too often. But I am me and THE END.

Megan A.K.A. “me”