My Bucket List (Far from finalized)

  • Keep myself as healthy as possible–Weight-wise, no rx ability-wise, food-wise– “All the better to accomplish my goals, dear”
  • Drink a cup of the most delicious and expensive coffee in the world
  • Get little man to Dr. Gearhart for his BNR
  • Homeschool Ney until at least “6th grade”
  • Buy a house.


  • Go to Scotland and see the places that Jamie and Claire would have seen (something like this: http://www.jamieandclairetour.co.uk/)
  • Go to Seoul, South Korea
  • Make a CD
  • Learn Korean
  • Get BE+ tattoo
  • Write book (story) and either self publish or be published
  • Publish book of Poetry
  • Learn to Drive
  • See the grave stones on Author’s Ridge in Sleepy Hollow, Cambridge, MA
  • Salem, MA
  • Met museums in NY
  • Finish ALL of the Outlander Novels
  • Read every book on “Rory Gilmore’s Book list
  • Every Agatha Christie Book
  • Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe
  • Complete Works of Mark Twain
  • All of Neil Gaiman
  • Watch ALL of Star Trek with my husband
  • Go on another “Honeymoon”Hey… This list is far from all I want to do. But it’s a start! 🙂


Megan A.K.A. “goal oriented”