Biblical illumination

I hate to say it, clinic but I’m kind home sick from Church today. 🙁 Only problem is that I’m not sick, there just in a lot of pain from my back and for no reason that I can understand. My favorite things today are coffee, black cherry juice, ice, heat, and Advil, though I’m trying to not take much Advil.

Mommy and Daddy made a promise to Neylan yesterday that he’d be going to Church today so he could sing songs and play with the kids. When I woke up in so much pain that I didn’t want to move and being afraid to lift him for fear of making whatever is causing the pain worse, I asked Grammie to bring him with her if he still wanted to go. She was glad to bring him but wasn’t sure how he’d handle being away from us. He’s been out with his Auntie Rei and Uncle Brad plenty of times and had an amazing time, so I figured that he’d do OK. After asking him if he still wanted to go and hearing an enthusiastic and ecstatic “YES! I want to go to Church and sing songs and play for the kids!”, I slowly and carefully got his clothes on and he was out the door with Grammie.

Not knowing what else to do, and really wanting to actually be at church today, I decided that I’d go back and review Matthew 5 after pastor’s message last week.

Who knows, he could be preaching on the rest of it this week, because Matthew 5 isn’t just the beatitudes.

After the Beatitudes there is a bit about the Law in practice… Matthew 5:19-47

The main thing that stuck out to me today was the following:

Matt. 5:46&47 “For if you love them which love you, what reward have ye? Do not even the publicans (tax collectors) the same? And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? Do not even the publicans so?”

As anyone who has read the Gospels knows, Jesus didn’t like the actions of the tax collectors. To be compared to one of them and be found similar or lacking was a wake up call.

What else does the New Testament say about the “publicans”? You find the words “publicans and sinners” and “publicans and harlots” in many verses… together. Publicans are mentioned in Mt. 9:10&11, 11:19, 21:31&32, Mk. 2:15&16; Lk. 3:12, 5:29&30, 7:29, 7:34, 15:1, 19:2 and it seems that every time they are mentioned, they are grouped with the “imperfect”.

There is one thing that is pretty cool to read… their changes of heart.

That is why Jesus came.

Megan A.K.A. “Believer”