I had a dream last night… You were there. You looked just like I remembered you looking. You acted the way you did when we were friends. Your face was happy. Your eyes exuded joy and contentment was overflowing.

I was with my family. I felt calm and happy that they were with me. We were all at a “meeting”. Church probably, store and we talked after.¬†We barely talked. I barely looked at you, sovaldi until you looked me in the eye. I only remember you saying a few words.

It was an apology.

Let me tell you, salve my friend, I have forgiven you. I carry no hatred or resentment. I’m thankful and happy. And although I believe I will never actually see you again, I hope the same for you.

Megan A.K.A. “acquaintance”


Hopefully people don’t go reading into this… and I hate that I already have to add something to this.

I left this purposefully vague. This scenario can fit many people and you may or may not know this person. It could be a male or a female. We’ve all been hurt many times and in many ways… by many people…

I left it vague not only because the dream was vague, but because it makes it beautiful.