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Archives for March, 2013

Never ceases to amaze…

My Bucket List

My Bucket List (Far from finalized) Keep myself as healthy as possible–Weight-wise, no rx ability-wise, food-wise– “All the better to accomplish my goals, dear” Drink a cup of the most delicious and expensive coffee in the world Get little man to Dr. Gearhart for his BNR Homeschool Ney until at least “6th grade” Buy a […]

You have a controller for me Daddy? (and other epic convo points)

Sometimes, thumb you are part of a conversation that is just too amazing to not share. It’s too good for me to make up!? Enjoy! Neylan: Daddy, buy cialis You find a controller for me [looking at his helicopter]. Daddy: I want to do that for you sometime… Neylan: We can go to Lauren and […]

Daylight Savings Time…

Annoyed. Very annoyed. I’ve tried so hard not to openly complain about this on the website, buy viagra but this blog is for everything… so I’m going to rant. Growing up, I didn’t like the time change. It didn’t matter if it was Daylight Savings Time or the end of it. No matter what, I […]

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Naturally, pilule after reading Starstruck by Neil Gaiman, check I had to read something else by him. His works, check even though they are shorter than what I usually read, are absolutely fantastic and well thought out. When my sister left Starstruck with me, I decided to check my Sony Reader to see what books I had by Neil […]

Just a Sunday musing…

I hate to say it, clinic but I’m kind home sick from Church today. 🙁 Only problem is that I’m not sick, there just in a lot of pain from my back and for no reason that I can understand. My favorite things today are coffee, black cherry juice, ice, heat, and Advil, though I’m […]

A Dream… March 8, 2013

I had a dream last night… You were there. You looked just like I remembered you looking. You acted the way you did when we were friends. Your face was happy. Your eyes exuded joy and contentment was overflowing. I was with my family. I felt calm and happy that they were with me. We […]

What I Think Matters to Me…

Growing up I was the good girl. I wanted people to be happy with what I did, cheap who I was, sovaldi sale and how I acted. I wouldn’t say that it was a terrible thing… until I let what other people expected rule my life. I hate it. I’ve always been defensive. I’ve always […]

Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Since I’m just starting off in this direction where, mind instead of just reading a book and going onto the next, viagra I’m actually writing something about the books I’ve read, diagnosis I hope that everyone will bear along with me. I’m not sure what direction I’ll be wanting to take with this. I don’t […]

Books, books everywhere!

While reading books has been a very important part of my life for the past 2-3 years and I have always been a huge book lover, search I’ve taken it to a new level recently. I don’t always read as much as I’d like, but I’ve got time scheduled into almost every day to read. […]