I’m a crazy book nut. If I could spend all my free time reading, viagra I WOULD DO THAT!

Currently I am reading The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been on a bit of an Outlander series kick.

I’ve read about 23 books this past year, many of which were over 1,200 pages. I admit that there were some days this past year that I didn’t read at all because I was too tired to think and I spent my time playing ridiculous Facebook games after packing and doing my cleaning for the night.

My husband was in MA for a while for work and during that time, I definitely kept myself busy. I was packing our belongings into boxes and cleaning the place we were living while taking care of my 2 year old. I didn’t even realize the feat that I had accomplished; I just did it.

Fast forward to today… We woke up at about 7:30 or 8 o’clock this morning. I had fully intended to read more than 15 pages during the day. I also was very disappointed in myself, thinking I was having some ADHD type issues, because I barely read that yesterday during the day. After Neylan and I got a shower I decided that I’d keep track of what I was doing and what was actually getting accomplished (if nothing, then why).

I figured the best thing to do was to write a list with the time and a description of what I was doing and what beckoned me away from it. The beginning of the list was a rough sketch, but 1:43 PM is where I decided to make it almost a minute by minute replay.

NOTE: When I wrote this list on paper it was a rough sketch of an idea. The original list has no proper form or grammar and is completely unreadable by anyone who is not me. I am even now being interrupted by my little man… But at least I type faster than I write and I know that this post will take hours to post. At least I know why now!!! 😛

12:30- Shower

1:05- Tell Ney that it’s “lunch time”. Time to find him something to eat for lunch… you know, something not cheese crackers or bananas. We settle on a steak and cheese burrito for him. It’s not the healthiest, but it’s better than snack food.

1:20-1:30 – The food microwaved, put on the plate, cut up, blown, and is still a bit steamy.

1:30- Blow on food some more. I probably spend 2-3 minutes straight just blowing on his food. Put cups from living room, counter, and table in the sink to be loaded when I can.

1:40- Let the dogs out so I don’t have to clean pee on the floor… (One of them pees on the floor almost every day no matter how often you let them out. >_< The other one pooped on the floor this morning while I was making breakfast. At least Tobie tells me when he needs to go out most of the time.)

1:43- Still waiting for Neylan to finish lunch. Put Miralax in his water because he’s been a little constipated and constipation with a BE kid is a big “No-no”.

1:44- Start loading dishes into the dishwasher.

1:45- Ney complains that his burrito that I cut into smaller pieces is still too big. He’s right, one piece was too big so I cut that up and head back to dishes.

1:49- Finished loading dishes. Not enough to run.

1:50- Let dogs in. Try to convince Dickins that he can move into the breezeway a little more so that I can unhook his leash without fear of him running out the door.

1:51- Put Ney over the gate and into the living room (the gate is to keep the pee-ers out of the living room).

1:52- Clean cast iron Skillets… put water in pans and set on stove to boil for easier cleaning

1:53- Yell at Tobie for trying to get on the chair to eat Ney’s lunch at the table. Grab plate that has 2 bites left on it and give to dogs on the floor. (2 tiny bites left, not wasting food. :P)

1:54- Oh yeah, I need deodorant. Hair not brushed, but I’ll do that when the pans are done.

1:55- “Mommy, come fix the puzzle piece. Please! Mommy fix it!” Ney comes into the bathroom to ask me for help,(while I’m still getting deodorant on) shutting the bathroom door and opening the closet to play with whatever is inside.

1:56- I close the door, bring him into the living room, fix the “puzzle piece” (his train tracks), and head back to the kitchen, closing the bathroom door on the way.

1:57- Check on pans. They are finally boiling! Quickly clean around the stove.

1:58- Neylan is back in the bathroom and playing with the toilet. Time to save the toilet. 😛

2:00- Back to pans, turn off gas stove, and bring to sink to clean.

2:01- Ney starts fussing because he got scratched. He did, but he can’t tell me how or from what. Kiss it better.

2:02- Back to clean pans.

2:05 Pans are finally clean, but Neylan is on his way upstairs… he’s not allowed upstairs unless Mommy is with him. 😛

Now, in case you didn’t know, I started writing this post at about 2:10… The time now is 4:17. Between the end of my list and now I have played with imaginary horns- a mommy horn, daddy horn, and baby horn that all made different horn noises. I have eaten 2 pretend eggs that my little lovie has sweetly prepared for me. I have placed a baby light on the couch. I have changed 2 poopie diapers. I have picked up a chair cushion off the floor because he was jumping on it… and yes, it is back on the floor. I have fixed his train tracks again. I have brought him back down stairs twice because he has wanted to sleep with Daddy upstairs, but a nap= no good sleep for him tonight. And I think I have to change another diaper before I start dinner so I can get him to bed on time. 😛

I love being a mommy and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

At least now I know why I’m not getting any much reading done during the day… It’s a lot easier to write 2 words and reread your last sentence than it is to read an entire paragraph and run off hoping to remember what happened right before you left it.

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”