I admit that I’ve been putting this off. I even have a working computer (the fault wasn’t mine this time… wifi gave out.)… but we’ve had a very interesting few months. Husband started the new job. Neylan saw a new BE doctor, pilule and we even moved to my parents to save some money for our own place.

As I speak my husband is getting ready to board a plane to India! But more on that later.

This cute little tidbit is going out now, patient because it is worth saving and I don’t want it to get lost in the shuffle on Facebook.

Mommy: Neylan, levitra where are you going?

Ney: I need to go up-tairs and find daddy.

Mommy: Baby, Daddy’s not here. Daddy’s at the airport to go on the plane.

Ney: I want to go with my Daddy too.

Mommy: I know, Baby. Mommy does too, but the plane costs many many coins.

Ney: *Whiny* I want mine Daddy back.

I’ll write more later. Not sure quite when, but I have a lot I need to get off my chest so it won’t be too long. I just really want to go onto the next book tonight!

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”