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Archives for June, 2012

“make a noise…”

I remember after Neylan was born and had been at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center for a couple weeks that the doctors finally decided that they were going to do a hearing test. It’s a normal test that is done after a baby is born and because my child didn’t have it done right after birth […]

Homemade Cream of Mushroom soup!

The other day I had a massive craving for cream of mushroom soup with hamburger. I didn’t have anything in a can, but I did have mushrooms, so I just went for it. The recipe, if you want to try it, is below. It’s actually very simple. Please let me know any other way you […]

I only want the best…

I know I am not the only mother who has a child with bladder exstrophy. I know I’m not the only mother (or parent) who has felt so frustrated and confused. I have one HUGE problem that needs to be overcome. My problem is that I only want the best for my child and I […]

Home is where I find my strength (A very blunt, passionate post)

I saw this picture on my sister’s Facebook profile and I was pretty much floored. I can’t think of anything more true at this moment. I am currently on a “journey”. I’m on a journey to get fit, viagra healthy, tadalafil and lose fat. So far I’ve been on this journey for 2 months. I […]

Buttonwood Park Zoo with Auntie and Mommy

Here you go! PICTURES!