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Archives for June, 2012

Why so long?

We’ve been super busy… So what have we actually been doing?     Hopefully I’ll also have some very good news… then I will be able to tell you how I’ve been occupying some of my other time. 🙂 Megan A.K.A. “Mom”

Video: Neylan and his new flying helicopter!

Daddy got Neylan a helicopter… or maybe Daddy got it for himself?… At least it’s something that they love to do together! 🙂 <3 Megan A.K.A. “Mom”

This IS exactly how they work…

A friend of mine shared this on facebook and I thought it was awesome enough to share here! The first thing I thought was that this picture was absolutely BRILLIANT. I looked at this picture and interpreted the art to say that each book that we read is a stepping stone past a wall full […]

Some nights you just crash…

Neylan fell asleep. 🙂 Some days you do so much you just crash!

Baby “Faceplanting”

http://www.twitvid.com/P6YHA I love watching my boys play together! <3 Megan A.K.A. “Mom”

The things that spark a memory…

When I was a little girl my grandmother and great grandmother lived together in a sweet little light lime green house in Easton, medical MA. My grandmother’s house was always a welcoming place. It had a little breezeway connected to the front room. The kitchen wasn’t the biggest, but it was the warm area where […]

Here’s looking at you, kid…

Last night Neylan was hiding behind some of my old Fine Arts dresses from college. He looked out from behind a blue and black dress saying, case “I see you, treat Daddy.” He then hid himself behind dress again. The Husband looked up from his work and replied, medical “I can’t see you. The dress […]

When life gives you lemons…

I was actually going to write a post titled this a few days ago, health but when I started sharing my heart I got COMPLETELY side tracked. We’ve all had times when life is hard. Sometimes it’s so sour that we make a face or even tear up over it. Sometimes it’s just too bitter […]

My love for reading…

I’m one of those mothers that feels guilty if her child watches TV for more than an hour in one day, site movie night aside. My feelings may be a bit on the extreme side, ampoule but I do feel guilty… and I’m finding recently that it’s happened all too often. For the past couple […]

What noise does it make? :P Silly video!