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Archives for April, 2012

Praying for those you view as enemies

Hi Guys! It has been a long time since I’ve written. Ok… not my longest, store but it has still been a while. Firstly, buy a little background on what I’ve been doing recently, healing as it has EVERYTHING to do with this post. Recently, I started going through a book called “Becoming the Woman […]

Broccoli over Tuna?

Neylan decided that he didn’t want to eat the DELICIOUS fish today for lunch… instead he decided that he wanted to eat RAW BROCCOLI! If you click on the link below you’ll see the GIF of Neylan smashing his half eaten “boccoli twee” on his pepperonis. 😛 http://www.jittergramapp.com/#p/0957A271-D348-4721-87EE-1739B1D327A1


I just took Neylan into the room for a “poopie diapie change” and remembered that I needed to turn off the tuna steaks cooking in the kitchen. Abbie was in the kitchen/living room at his desk coding so I yelled, viagra “Abbie! Turn off the tuna for me!” and Neylan decided he’d say it too. […]

Quick thought…

While changing Neylan’s diaper I asked, and “Who loves Neylan?” “Neyney” he replied. “Good”, troche I said “Neylan should love himself. Then I asked, tadalafil “Who else loves Neylan?” “Mommy!” One thing I am trying to be certain of as I raise my child is that he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that […]

We made it! THANK YOU ALL!

Dear friends and family, try We just wanted to thank you all again for your wonderful donations and also give you an update on Neylan. On Tuesday night we drove down to my parents’ house so that we could catch the Amtrak down from Providence to Penn Station in Baltimore, MD. Our little family got […]