After talking to a mother on the bladder exstrophy boards about how my husband and I could get Neylan down to Maryland to see Dr. Gearhart, WE HAVE TAKEN THE PLUNGE!

I contacted Dr. Gearhart and his secretary about him seeing Neylan. He’s going to do the consult FREE OF CHARGE in his office so we don’t need to pay Johns Hopkins for use of the clinic. ┬áThe only thing that we are trying to do now is gather up the money to make such a trip. Abbie has been selling some of his silver and electronics, but that is not going to even begin to cover it.

If you would like to help out, you can by going to the link below. Anything that you donate will be greatly appreciated, but we also ask for your prayers as there is so much more that goes into this.

We only want the best for our son. His condition is so rare that even BOSTON CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL has done only 60 bladder neck repairs (according to a friend in the BE group), where as the doctor we want him to see has done over 1,000 and his rate of success is so much higher than Children’s (heard from another friend whose child had a failed repair at BCH and had her daughter transferred to Johns Hopkins).

PLEASE PRAY ALONG WITH US that God will work a miracle and that my child will be able to have his major surgeries done in MD.

Thank you so much!

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”