It’s been way too long since I took the time to write. I realized that I really needed to today.  My heart’s gone through a bit of a roller coaster ride with everything that has gone on recently but, find if for no other reason than me growing in faith and trust in God, tadalafil it’s been a good thing.

Neylan was supposed to have surgery this month on the 12th. It didn’t happen because he got a gunky cold and they said they would not put him under any anesthesia. I didn’t have a problem with waiting for this one. Truth be told I am glad for many reasons that we had to wait. I was glad to wait for monetary reasons (too many days off of work this month because of holidays and that was already stressing our bank account. Two more days would have been unbearable). I am also glad because we also found out Neylan had an ear infection and a UTI. And the last reason… just to be truthful… I am nervous about Neylan having a new doctor, even though he was on Dr. Merguerian’s team during Neylan’s initial closure.

We also found out Neylan’s orthopedic surgeon is leaving DHMC in February and moving to NY. I am not as concerned about this move because Neylan’s hips and legs are looking really good and I know many of the other doctors that worked with Doctor Cook as they came by to check on Neylan quite often while he was recovering in the hospital.

The thing that has been weighing the most on my mind this past month was news that was devastating to me. I found out that one of my best friends (we’ve always been like brother and sister)  high school was diagnosed with stage four throat cancer. I will be the first to tell you that I believe my God is a God of miracles and that my husband and all of our Christian friends are praying for complete healing, but when you get news like that it throws you for a total loop. My initial reaction was shock… I cried because my body didn’t know what to do and I was so glad that my husband’s loving arms were there to wrap me in a warm embrace. For the next few days I was in a total haze… going through the stages of grief. I was in total denial of the news I heard. I admit I was even angry at God because I thought, “How could You do this to someone who loves you so much!? How could You do this and possibly take away the voice that he was using to serve YOU!?” I’m still begging and pleading for God to work a miracle and I don’t ever think I’ll stop, but I’ve made it past the those stages… I broke down and sobbed with all that was within my body. My heart hurt for my friends, my heart hurt that they were chosen to deal with this, but I knew that if they were dealing with it… even though I hated it with all I was, I KNEW there was a reason. It didn’t change the pain, but it gave me hope that there was a way out.

Jonathan spent a week in the hospital after his week of chemo. He was extremely sick, could barely eat and was dealing with an immense amount of pain. Thankfully the doctors got a  good combination of medicines to battle the side effects of the chemo and he’s been doing fairly well since.

I was blessed when my husband told me that he wanted to go to Waters Church N. Attleboro for the 7PM Christmas Eve service. He told me he wanted to go see Jon and Steph and support them in anyway we could while we were down.

The service was amazing. Stephanie was singing and her voice  was angelic. The message was needed.

Steph, Jon, Me, Neylan and Abbie after Christmas Eve Service

After the service, we (my mother and Neylan included) went over to their apartment to visit for a while and Abbie, Neylan, and I went back to see them again on Monday before we came back up to NH.

Jon went to Boston on Tuesday for his second round of chemo. I was blessed to talk to his mother and Stephanie over Skype and to see him resting peacefully while it was being administered.

The doctors stated on Tuesday that he would be going through chemo every week on Tuesday for 7 weeks and that as of Wednesday the 28th he’d be starting radiation treatment everyday Mon-Fri, with 2 doses on Fridays. It’s going to be a very long journey, but we are continuing to pray that it is a successful one and that God would show us all His amazing healing power.

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”