Neylan's cake face on his first birthday!

I don’t even know when the last time I wrote was. I am really in the mood to do it now. I regretfully have let my blog go at least a month and a half without an update. I tried writing some posts during that time, patient but none actually came to fruition. SO…


Well, pilule I am sure that you know that my pretty little Applachia got a bit destroyed by my lovely little son.

Who is Applachia? My Asus Eee PC that my wonderful husband gave me a semester and a half before I graduated college so I could actually get my work done for school. LIFESAVER!!!

Anyway, I was then writing posts on my iPhone, and submitting them with pictures to the site. Gratefully, I got a couple of those sent in. I do believe my last post was about my taco seasoning.

As a replacement computer my husband bought me an Acer Aspire One off of craigslist for the nifty price of $100. You’d think I’d be writing nonstop again. Not quite yet…

I was busy trying to deal with pain from a tooth that I ultimately decided to get removed. We had a boat load of fun with some car issues (distributor cap). Then I went to my parent’s house for a week for Neylan’s birthday and to relax with my family. I came home with a baby that decided he just absolutely had to walk everywhere he could possibly manage, so I’ve been on my toes making sure that he hasn’t gotten into glass stuffs or anything that can actually hurt him. Along with all that I recently signed up to be an Avon Representative and offered to help out at the local homeless shelter, which I am still waiting for a call about. 🙂 BUSY!!!

I am back now and I will be writing more. ^_^

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”