How many times have you heard the phrase, medicine “It’s O.K. Take baby steps and you’ll get there” or something to that effect. I am not even sure how many times that I have heard that phrase. But I realize now that I never really understood it.

Everytime I would get frustrated on some kind of project, viagra I’d even think to myself, viagra “baby steps, Megan, baby steps.”

I want you to think to yourself about what baby steps means to you. What did you think of?

I know that when I originally thought of it, I almost looked at it as if it was the tortoise running the race: slowly and steadily. I thought of a baby’s little steps… but with the experience and balance of an adult. Yet, after watching my very determined son learn to walk, I learned something totally different.

Let’s take a look at a small snippet of a day in the life of Neylan.

I'm outside! YAY!


I think that all babies, like Neylan, get VERY excited about the world around them and about their amazing abilities. In this picture I see a little one so excited to see what is going on that he doesn’t care that he isn’t fully walking to get there and isn’t afraid to go away from his safety net because it is so wonderful. He is currently doing a weird crawl that allows him to have one knee and one foot on the ground. It works well enough to get him where he is going at the moment.


That was just a little painful on the knee.


Here we see what Daddy and Mommy affectionately call “the spider crawl”. He’s decided that the surface he is wandering about on is too harsh on that little knee and has decided that although he really wants to go places, he is still unstable and unwilling to walk just yet.




Little leggies look a bit more stable. ^_^ Maybe, just maybe, He’ll stand up and try taking a few steps.


I have goodies in my hands and I may put them in my mouth to save for later. I DO like this view of things. I can see farther out!


Here we see him standing firmly, but when he was closer to the ground he found some goodies! He is holding them in my hands, although Mommy knows they are mouth-bound. Standing has allowed him to take in more of his surroundings and figure out where he wants to go next.


Oooh! Look at these goodies! So many more!


He took a few steps, but then went back to his “spider crawl”.


So much to look at!


He is standing again! And is even more sure of his footing.


I think I'll have a seat and just enjoy this.


But wait! There is so much to look at and experience.


Oooh! Look at that plant!


Standing and taking steps.

From my sweet Neylan I have learned that “baby steps” means that some days we can only stand, some maybe take a few steps, maybe the next day we can only crawl, and the next day maybe we run towards our destination. So don’t get down on yourself if you feel like you can’t even take your idea of baby steps, because there are days that “baby steps” just means sitting down and trying to enjoy the world around you even when you are FRUSTRATED with the fact you can’t get your balance right for standing.

Take “baby steps”. Babies know how, in the midst of learning a new skill, to enjoy the world around them.


Megan A.K.A. “Mom”