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So what exactly should you be on the look out for this campaign? Let me tell you!

Got my brochures ready! I think everyone will be excited to see what Outspoken Intense is like!

First of all, Fergie’s Outspoken INTENSE is coming out this campaign. So if you are the type of girl that likes floral and fruity scents, definitely try this one out. It might just be a perfect fit!

Fergie’s last perfume for Avon won a Fifi award for fragrance of the year and was the BEST selling Avon fragrance last year. With Outspoken INTENSE coming out, I completely believe that it could surpass Outspoken.

On pages 12-14 of the brochure/eBrochure, you’ll find 2 nice make-up sets, that if you chose to purchase those bundles, you’d save $14 or $18 respectively. The sets are going for $9.99 and $12.99. It’s definitely worth a look!

If you decide that you don’t want the colors that come included in those sets, you can still mix and match any 2 on pages 16 and 17 for $8.99!

Now onto the other awesome money savers!

Many of the lipsticks are still $2.99. Nail colors are 2/5.99 (I am planning to get myself some of these!!!). Eye makeup remover that is normally $4 is $.99! I could seriously go on! But if you have things that you need or want, now is a perfect time to go check it out.

You can click here¬†to go to my Avon store to check out the eBrochure for yourself. Like what you see? you can click on the item on the “page” to add it to your order! You can also have everything shipped DIRECTLY to you!

For those of you that live close to me and would love to see me and to have me drop it off, you can choose to have it be sent with my order. Call me to let me know what you would like, or contact me at <[email protected]>.

Their products are amazing and don’t forget Avon’s 100% satisfaction¬†guarantee. If it’s not your color, contact me and we’ll get one that better suits you.


Happy bargain hunting!

Megan A.K.A. “Avon selling Mom!”