There are multiple verses in the Bible that tell Christians to PRAY.

For those of you that do pray, try I have a couple requests.

1. The family of my former Grocery manager at Trucchi’s Supermarket in Taunton, site MA.

~ I found out that John St. Pierre died last week after an agonizing battle with cancer. Pray for his family and those that knew him.

2. Cindy Westgate

~ What I heard from her daughter,Tara, was that her mother went to the hospital, docs said she had severe pnuemonia, and put her in a medical induced coma before they sent her to Boston for further treatment. It has been over a week and I have not heard anything new from Tara on her mother’s condition.

*** There is a caringbridge page for her.

3. Tabitha and Mark

~ I won’t put their last name in case they would prefer it to be kept secret.

I met Tabitha and Mark when I went to college at PCC. I was friends with Tabitha in school, but as I have come to realize, MOMMIES STICK TOGETHER! When I was pregnant with Neylan she talked to me often and gave me advice when I was seeking it.

Tabitha and Mark have a beautiful baby girl and another baby on the way. Tabitha seems to be prone to troubling pregnancies. Please pray for her health and the baby’s health. Also pray for any decisions they may need to make because of this. Prayers for good emotional support are appreciated also.

4. My mother’s job sotuation

~ Here we are praying for a promotion. The hospital that she has worked at for over 15 years (I believe. She has worked there most of my life!) is hiring the a new respiratory “head”. They already know that my mother can do this job because she has done it multiple times when the other respiratory heads have gone onto other jobs.

Pray that they’ll give her the position she deserves and that she be able to deal with the physical demands of the position.

5. I know I am forgetting something or someone. 🙁

**Can you think of something you need? Post it in the comments for me!***

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”

P.s. Forgive any spelling errors or thing my phone may have autocorrected for me. Compy is currently out of service.