OK my friends, viagra especially you mommies, sick have you ever just had a night sleep so BAD you had to write about it… Mine was last night.

I was prepared to go to bed early because I am in major need of seeing my bestie Kalah. If you can’t tell, cialis that just didn’t happen today. 🙁

As is normal at night, we read a book, said our prayers, sang our night-time songs, and settled down for one last tummy filling before sleep set in. As sleep started to take hold and the eyes became droopy, little man’s tummy decided that the milk was too much… or maybe air took ground where it didn’t belong. All I know is up came the milk, all over the bed, Mommy’s shirt and Daddy’s pillow.

It took a couple minutes to think of what the next step should be. I knew I had to get the bedding washed, but I still wanted to go see Kalah, so the bed had to be made and the baby down to sleepy.

I grabbed 4 of Neylan’s comfy baby blankets and put them on top of the mattress cover. Then I put the loose sheet on top of the bed and tucked in the sides. (As seen above) It was comfortable enough to sleep on! Only problem was sharing/giving up one of my pillows for Abbie to use, which I did. I hope he knows how much I love him! 🙂

Abbie and Neylan went to sleep, while I stayed up so I could change the laundry over at about 1 something. As I went to change the laundry over I was greeted by Ivan, Jim and Lauren’s cat, who walked to the doorway of the laundry room with a squealing mouse in his mouth. Shortly after, Ivan ran upstairs to bestow his gift on Lauren and Jim (where he left it no one is certain yet) and I changed over the bedding and went to bed.

I woke up again around 2:30 AM because I was cold. We were only sleeping under a thin blanket and New Hampshire’s weather had decided it was time for a chilly night. Abbie turned on the heater (he woke up to turn it on for me because I couldn’t reach it. Yes, I do know how much he loves me. ;] ) we went back to bed.

Did I wake up again? Yeah. >_< 4 AM ish I woke up because my lungs decided again that they didn't like me. I took my inhaler then (add other not so pretty lung story here). I then went back to bed. Now, you'd think that I'd finally get some sleep. Not so, my friend, for at 5 something my husband's walkie talkie, that I so sweetly let Neylan play with, decided to start spouting the weather. After getting a lil talking to about being sure it was shut off, Abbie turned it off and we went back to bed. When my alarm went off at 6:15 to get in the shower and Neylan started crying, I realized that I was far too tired to go over and that I had no patience. I just went back to bed. I hope you realize that I told you this story, not because it is something to complain about, but because it is actually kind of funny when I look back on it. Well, other than the vomit. We really could Have done without that. 😛 I wanted to remember this. 😀 And I have made it so. Megan A.K.A. "Mom" - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone