I have come to the realization that part of the reason that I have not written was that the only thing I’ve got going on right now is my son’s surgery. I have been trying to avoid it as much as possible because I have not wanted to cry. So, cialis instead of crying, I have been taking my hurt feelings and converting them to frustration. In turn I have been taking my frustration out on my loving husband. But I can’t say he does not deserve it either. ­čśŤ

He has also been avoiding the topic… and when he isn’t avoiding it, he is trying to make fun and games of it or of other things. He’s been having a blast saying things that (if I am correct) he KNOWS will get on my nerves. I believe this is a fun distraction for him. So when he says something annoying, while I am already annoyed… well let’s just say I get even more frustrated.

He has also been trying to poke fun at the surgery or other things, as the┬ábank-tellers┬áwitnessed earlier today. The following is my husband’s summary of how it went down:

Bank: Would you like to donate to the Special Olympics?

Me: I already donated to my kids surgery this Friday.

Bank: *awkward silence.*


So now that you know why I’ve been avoiding this let me tell you what goodness has happened since I last wrote.

Neylan had his appt with Dr. Silverstein. He is now 28 1/2 inches long… his weight is still low, but he eats a lot! 3%… I asked if I should be concerned. NO. He is happy, he is eating, and he is still gaining weight at a consistent rate.

My mother’s day sandals came in!

Kalah and I went to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

I have awesome food marinading as we speak.


I promise that I’ll write more soon. We seriously need to get past this surgery… then I’ll hopefully be in a writing mood.

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”