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Distress Signal


Create a simple way to announce an emergency publically or to a personal network of friends while optionally calling 911. This project has two parts:

  • Phone apps and patches that will alert friends and family while optionally calling 911.
  • Servers handling emergency announcements will be able to be run by communities, treat and information can be shared between servers for better reliability in emergency situations.

Why not just 911?

  • Loved ones are not in the loop. 911 doesn’t tell your family that you need help, or to check up on you.
  • You don’t always want to call 911. The emergency may not be life threatening, or you may be concerned about something that may not be an emergency.
  • It can take too long. 911 on many modern phones may take longer to dial than an app that auto dials it for you.
  • Egypt situations. Sometimes the local authorities are busy not doing their jobs.
  • Sometimes there cannot be a response. During blizzards, ambulances can’t get everywhere. Police might be flooded out of an area.

Distress Signal Benefits:

  • Egypt Situations: In areas where the local authorities are busy creating the emergencies, this will allow communities to more easily handle any situations arising in a chaotic situation. Being able to easily separate the government emergency services and have local communities handling
  • No single point of failure:  Every server can talk to every other server and share information about emergencies in different areas. Even if a server goes down, or is blocked, information can be synced between the servers
  • Keep loved ones informed: The people you chose will be automatically notified of your situation and be ready to help and be involved if necessary.
  • When there is no response, your loved ones are more likely to respond: If an ambulance won’t travel to pick up someone, family is more likely to break out snow shovels and get that person medical attention. When the authorities are tied up, your family will likely make free time for you.
  • Open Source: anyone can run it. Anyone adapt it.
  • Can be used by local municipalities: to supplement 911, or be the primary emergency service in cash strapped areas.

Flexible, Reliable

  • Multiple servers synchronizing with each other will prevent difficulties if a server is blocked by a country, or if a server goes down.
  • Server side software would be able to be installed and run on most operating systems and computers.
  • Communication can be made using Wifi or other networking methods.
  • Internet access would be optional. For example: a community could just set up access points just for the purpose of accessing their Distress Signal network.

How does it work?

Client, mobile device side.

  • Apps and patches for popular mobile devices can be installed to make it faster to post an alert.
  • Most information will be kept on a server of the Users choosing. The user can have multiple servers set. This means there is no wait for authentication, Just a simple initial message blast across relevant networks.
  • Post can be made to email addresses, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, publicly or other networks.
  • Location information is included with the post, and an optional additional message.
  • Can automatically dial 911.
  • Track user’s location

Server responsibilities:

  • Displays public postings from local users and what is synced from other servers
  • Handle emergency posts from users
  • Sync with other servers for current alerts
  • Handle user preferences.
  • Allow users to set a check-in time before traveling.
  • Allow other users to get involved by seeing locations or being able to contact someone in distress

Use cases

  • Can be used in areas where there is known corruption and the residents do not trust the government.
  • During storms and other emergencies to help communities keep in touch and help families know where their relatives are.
  • The nature of the system is flexible; there may be many more uses not even thought of yet.

The Plan

  • Once funding is received, work will continue on the mobile and server software.
  • Initial testing will be done on webOS for quick turnaround, and then be ported to other mobile platforms.
  • I’ve already started working on this project, and it does work. Funding is so I can take time off work to finish the project quicker.


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