Ney and Mommy on Mother's day!

It was a beautiful day. And my first Mother’s Day for MYSELF, viagra which made it even more special.

My husband and I wanted to go to my parents’ house and visit with the family, but after looking over our budget and realizing that it would be best to save the money on gas for when Neylan had his surgery in Lebanon, NH, we decided it was best not to go. But I also had a huge push from my own mother to enjoy the day for myself.

“I remember when you were younger, I wanted the day to just enjoy spending time with my kids, but I always went to celebrate somewhere else.” She said.

My mom wanted me to take the day for myself, to spend with Neylan and Abbie, even though she would have loved to have seen us. And I promised her that we’d make it up to her when we all went up to Lebanon.

What did we do for my special day?

My husband and I had a wonderful breakfast of vanilla cinnamon pancakes, ham, and eggs with REAL maple syrup. Abbie bought me roses when he went to get my ground STARBUCKS coffee. It was the perfect breakfast with the perfect people. We all took a nap together. We went to Target and I was able to purchase some more nail polish with the money that I earned from my part-part-part-part-very part-time job! (You know you wanna know what I am referring to.) We got dinner from Pedrazza’s, Came home, and Skyped with my mother for a while.

We didn’t do everything I wanted, but we still had a great time and enjoyed each others company.

THAT is what it is all about.

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”

P.S. I know my posts have been fewer and shorter. Working on it 😛 Been preoccupied with baby man standing and walking while holding onto stuff. I don’t want to miss a minute, and I am sure you understand. ^_^